Kantha Stitching: A Handmade Tradition

From the Tidbits Tag blog, by Kristy Wallin

Kantha is a type of embroidery used to create quilts from found and recycled fabrics, including vintage Indian blankets and saris. The hand stitching is unique to the artisan, whose personal needlework is showcased in each finished product. The craft of kantha is thousands of years old and deeply rooted in rich cultures and traditions.

In rural Indian homes, kantha quilts are offered to guests as a kind expression of welcome. Visiting friends and family find comfort and warmth in the beautiful handcrafted blankets. Each piece is meaningful and totally unique.

Tag designers and product developers traveled to India to hand-select vintage silk blend quilts for the holiday collection. Because of the nature of vintage recycled products, each sari and kantha varies from the next.

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