Wash, Go, and Feel Elegant in Tencel: How-To

Fun Facts About TENCEL

It’s made from natural cellulose found in wood pulp.

The fiber is economical in its use of energy and natural resources.

It’s fully biodegradable.

How to Take Care of Tencel

We love wash-at-home garments. Here are the simple basics for keeping Tianello clothes looking their best.


Liquid detergent is best; when using powder make sure it is fully dissolved before putting clothes in the machine (not directly on the garment). Do not use detergent with bleach mixed in it or bleach itself. Woolite not recommended It is best to wash your garment with similar colors.

Remove from the washer and tumble dry immediately .


Do not hang dry since it can occasionally produce streaking from residual dye.

Garments should be tumble dried on medium heat and removed promptly from the dryer to avoid wrinkling. Tumble drying your Tencel garments softens the fabric to its original touch.


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